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How to Grow a Facebook Group for Your Business | 5 Tips for Beginners

Facebook groups can be SUCH an amazing tool for building know, like & trust with your audience, and converting more sales & signups in your business. But when you’re first starting out… how do you grow your group? 

Here at the Global Freedom Community we have grown our Facebook Group from scratch to over 10,000 members… and in this video we're going to share 5 tips for beginners to help you get your group growing, fast! 

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Want to learn how to create a profitable social media presence and start generating more leads, sales and signups online? In this free masterclass we're sharing the exact 5-Step Blueprint we followed to go from social media nobodies (with no audience or influence!) to hitting $300K in sales with our personal brand in just 10 months.

The best part? We did it all by working just a few hours a week on our laptops: without complicated launches… filling our calendar up with one on one services… or hanging out on social media all day sending messages to strangers on the internet.

We break it all down for you inside our Repeatable Revenue Masterclass. You can reserve your seat now by clicking on the button above, or just click here.


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How to Grow a Facebook Group | Think of Social Media Like a Parade

When working to grow your Facebook group, there’s a pretty simple rule you should follow. And that is: if you don’t feel like you’re talking about your group too much, you aren’t talking about it enough. 

When growing on social media we make the mistake of believing we’re talking to a captive audience. Because we have a certain number of friends or followers, we think each time we post or mention something, EVERYONE is going to see it and we don’t need to bring it up again. 

Instead, I want you to start thinking of your social media presence like a parade. You’re constantly moving… stepping in front of new people who’ve never heard of or seen you before! Imagine if, at the Macys Thanksgiving Parade, the band played a song at the beginning of the route, then just carried their instruments along at their sides. The parade route is 2.5 miles long… imagine how many people would miss out on the beautiful music and performances if everyone did this?? 

Even your current friends and followers can’t be EVERYWHERE on the parade route. You need to repeat your message frequently, so everyone gets a chance to hear it! 

We’ve got 5 ways to help you do that… so let’s dive in:

How to Grow a Facebook Group | Link It EVERYWHERE!

Include the link to your group across ALL of your social media platforms, so that no matter where someone first finds you… they can connect with you further. For example, if you’re watching this video on YouTube… down in the description below you’ll find a link to our group! 

If you’re reading this on our blog, you can look up at the top of the screen, and in the menu you’ll see a link to join our group. 

If you’re watching a reel on Instagram, you’ll find the group link in our bio. Same for TikTok. On our Facebook Page, we have a button for people to join our group. And on each of our personal Facebook profiles, we include a link to join the group in our About section as well. 

We use LinkTree for the link in our bio across Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. This allows us to have ONE link that people can click on, which then directs them to multiple different resources where they can take the next step or connect with us further.

How to Grow a Facebook Group | Remind Your Email Subscribers

Tip #2 is to remind people of your group in your emails! Our favorite way to do this is to include a PS at the bottom of our emails at least once a week, inviting people to join the group. Each time we do this we get an influx of new members. This blows my mind, because we often have people join our group who have been on our email list for months… despite hearing about the group before, for whatever reason they are just now ready to join… which is why frequent reminders are so important.

How to Grow a Facebook Group | Use It In Your Calls to Action

Each week, make sure you mention your group as the call to action in at least a few of your posts. Whether it’s an Instagram Reel, a Facebook Live, or even in your stories… mentioning your group frequently will boost the chances of it being seen both by your current followers, and new people who find you along the way! 

How to Grow a Facebook Group | Leverage Other Groups to Grow Your Own (When Allowed)

There are a lot of huge Facebook groups out there who will allow you to promote YOUR group to their audience. Some groups have an ‘anything goes’ policy… but most only allow this on specific days, or even just on specific posts, so make sure you check the group rules carefully before you start promoting. 

When mentioning your group, be sure you share the BENEFITS of becoming a member. Don’t just give the name… let people know: What’s in it for them?? By being clear on who the group is for and how it will benefit them, you’ll attract the RIGHT kind of group members who will go on to become customers or clients. 

How to Grow a Facebook Group | Promote It In Your Freebie Funnels

We have always used Freebie Funnels as our primary tool to attract, capture and convert more clients and customers for our business. And because we strategically share our group within those freebies and on our thank you pages, over 80% of our group members have joined our group through this strategy. 

Include a resource page at the end of your freebie where you tell people how to take the next step and connect with you further. Include a link to your group, and don’t forget to point out the benefits to them for becoming a member! 

Also, after someone opts in to your freebie, you can include a link to your group as the next step… both on your thank you page AND your freebie delivery page! 

Remember the goal of your marketing efforts is to consistently move people through your funnel… always giving them the next step they can take to connect with you further and move closer to making a buying decision. 

By giving people your Facebook group as the next step after downloading your freebie, you won’t just be growing your email list… but also growing your group simultaneously. 

If you want to learn more about how we used freebie funnels to attract, capture and convert… and create leads and sales on autopilot in our business, then you definitely want to check out our Repeatable Revenue Masterclass. 

This is a full 60 minute training where we break down our entire profit system — showing you exactly how we built our business from scratch to seven figures by working just a few hours a week from our laptops. You can reserve your seat by clicking on the button below!

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