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When is the Right Time to Hire a Social Media Manager for Your Personal Brand? 10 Signs It's time…

As a solopreneur, hiring a team to help manage and grow your business is an exciting, but often frightening step. And knowing WHEN and WHAT to outsource first… can often feel overwhelming. 

We have built a seven figure global brand with very minimal outside help thanks to the strategies, systems and automation we use to power our business. And in this video I’m going to share the outsourcing philosophy behind our own personal brand… along with some signs that it might be the right time for you to hire some help. 

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Want to learn how to create a profitable social media presence and start generating more leads, sales and signups online? In this free masterclass we're sharing the exact 5-Step Blueprint we followed to go from social media nobodies (with no audience or influence!) to hitting $300K in sales with our personal brand in just 10 months.

The best part? We did it all by working just a few hours a week on our laptops: without complicated launches… filling our calendar up with one on one services… or hanging out on social media all day sending messages to strangers on the internet.

We break it all down for you inside our Repeatable Revenue Masterclass. You can reserve your seat now by clicking on the button above, or just click here.


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When to Hire a Social Media Manager | Our Outsourcing Philosophy

Hiring a team to help you juggle the many moving pieces in your online business can be an exciting step to take. And making the RIGHT hire can ensure you get to spend more time doing the things you love in your business… and less time doing the things you really don’t enjoy. 

One of the first hires many people think of when it comes to expanding your team is a social media manager. This can be as broad as hiring someone to take over and manage ALL of your social media activities… or you can really niche it down and hire someone to take over only certain responsibilities or platforms. And while that might be the RIGHT choice for some entrepreneurs, it’s not the right choice for everyone. 

Currently, we have 3 team members we work with on a regular basis inside our business — a web designer, a video editing team, and a web developer. 

While our video editing team is contracted weekly to help us edit and produce videos… like the one you’re watching now, our designer and developer are used on a project basis. 

So, you may be asking, why don’t we have a social media manager? 

The truth is… managing our social media is one of the things we’re really good at in our business, AND one of the things we most enjoy. And with programs like Meet Edgar, which we use to schedule and auto post a lot of our content, our social media strategy doesn’t take a whole lot of our time on a weekly basis. 

We chose to invest our money in outsourcing the activities we aren’t good at, or don’t enjoy. NOTHING frustrates us more than technical issues we don’t feel qualified to fix. When our website goes down, a certain page is loading too slowly, or we need updates made to our email servers or help desk software, it is so refreshing to be able to send a message to our web developer and know she is on call to get it fixed right and get it fixed fast. 

Jordan is pretty good at editing videos, but absolutely hates doing it. SO once our revenue hit a certain milestone, we chose to outsource that as well. 

Jordan's husband is a web designer by trade… so our company also hires him to take our ideas for new web pages and funnels, make them pretty AND make the functional across desktop and mobile. Again… this is something we CAN do, but we’re very slow at it, and when we run into issues we don’t always know the best, most efficient way to fix them. Plus, since he knows code… which we don’t… he can make customizations that are outside our skillset. 

That is our hiring philosophy in a nutshell – outsource the things you don’t enjoy and aren’t good at first. Then, outsource the things you’re good at, but don’t enjoy. From there, move on to outsourcing the things you enjoy, but aren’t good at. Leaving you to focus on the things you are both good at AND enjoy. 

10 Signs It's Time to Hire a Social Media Manager for Your Personal Brand:

So how do you know if it’s the right time to hire a social media manager for your business? 

Here are 10 signs that this is the right time and the right hire for you: 

  1. You are working more hours a week than your ‘ideal week’, and you’re looking to outsource — meaning you’re at a place in your business where investing money to save you time is the right move for you, your family, your lifestyle and your business.

  2. You have a profit plan in place for your business, and your current goal is to increase your visibility to get your products, service or business in front of more people.

  3. You just don’t enjoy social media.

  4. You can’t keep up with the trends… and you have no desire to invest the time into learning them.

  5. You know you need to be on a specific platform, but don’t understand how it works and don’t even want to try. My Mom and I hired someone to run our Pinterest account for several months, because of this reason. We’d invested in a course to learn how to use Pinterest, but a few months later the entire platform changed… and the strategies we’d learned had become obsolete. We had no desire to re-learn them, so we hired some help. Ultimately, after 6 months of tracking, we decided that hiring choice was not affecting our bottom line – or in other words, not directly responsible for a big enough increase in leads and sales – to be worth the monthly investment, so we ended up letting it go for now.

  6. You’ve invested in courses, given it your all, and you just can’t reach your social media goals. Be careful with this one. When hiring your social media manager make it extremely clear what your goals are… and ask if they can help you achieve that. Without a strong profit plan in place… more engagement, more followers won’t result in more sales.

  7. You neglect the things that make you money in your business… because you are spending so much time on social media instead. If hiring someone will free up your time to do more income producing activities, it might be a good time to do so!

  8. You think of social media last, in terms of your business – in other words, you know it’s a strategy you need to be using, but it’s not where your passion or your focus is.

  9. You’re too busy. You’re missing messages, never have time to reply to comments, and post sporadically and inconsistently because you simply don’t have the time to devote to social media.

  10. You enjoy coming up with content ideas for your audience… but hate the actual designing & posting process. Hiring someone to take your ideas and turn them into images, research hashtags, edit & produce your reels or tiktoks, and handle the actual posting can be a huge help.

Bringing It All Together

Ultimately, the decision to hire a social media manager or ANY OTHER ROLE comes down to you, your business goals, and what you really enjoy doing in your business. 

One lesson we’ve learned the hard way… if something isn’t working, hiring help isn’t a magic pill to make it all better. In fact, we’ve had experiences where hiring help actually HURT our business, and lost us a lot money… because we made the hiring decision based out of fear and desperation, hoping it would be the big secret to fixing certain problems in our business, when the truth is we just didn’t have the right profit systems in place yet. 

One big step toward being ready to hire a team to help manage your business is to have the systems in place to create consistent, repeatable revenue you can depend on month after month. 

We share the entire blueprint we used to go from social media nobodies to hitting 300K in sales in just 10 months… working just a few hours a week from our laptops… inside our new free training: Our Repeatable Revenue Masterclass. 

In this 60 minute training you’ll discover how to attract, capture and convert your ideal customers, clients or team mates so you can profit from you social media presence and create sales on autopilot.

You can watch it free now at GlobalFreedomCommunity.com/FreeTraining

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We sure hope so, because we put our hearts and souls into sharing our best practices for what is an isn’t working in our network marketing business so you can get better results and reach your own network marketing goals.

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Kathy & Jordan

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