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How to Use Email List Building to Boost Sales in Your Business | Email Marketing


… Hmmmm, okay. Tell that to the 97% of our sales that come from email marketing. NOT from social media. 

In this video we're going to show you once and for all why email list building is the BEST way to increase your leads, sales & signups in your business. 

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Want to learn how to create a profitable social media presence and start generating more leads, sales and signups online? In this free masterclass we're sharing the exact 5-Step Blueprint we followed to go from social media nobodies (with no audience or influence!) to hitting $300K in sales with our personal brand in just 10 months. 

The best part? We did it all by working just a few hours a week on our laptops: without complicated launches… filling our calendar up with one on one services… or hanging out on social media all day sending messages to strangers on the internet.

We break it all down for you inside our Repeatable Revenue Masterclass. You can reserve your seat now by clicking on the button above, or just click here.


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Email List Building | Do You Even Need an Email List?

We're here to bust some myths around email marketing. SO let’s start with some facts: 

99% of consumers check their email daily. SOME as much as 20x a day!! 

And 58% of consumers report that EMAIL is their first check of the day. Even before checking social media. 

We use email in our business, because we know… when we send out an email… at least 20% of our subscribers won’t just see it, but will actually click, open and read it. Compare that to the 1-2% of your social media followers who will see any given post… and it’s a no brainer. 

Now don’t get us wrong. Social media is the best way to find & attract your ideal clients and customers. And having a strong social media strategy that consistently grows your audience so you never run out of people to talk to is essential. 

That’s why we did an entire video around that topic, here.

BUT… social media without email is just bad business. Not only is email the best way to capture & convert your likes, views & followers… but it’s also the most secure way to do so. 

Unless your name is Mark Zuckerberg, you don’t own Facebook or Instagram. They could change, or even completely go away with the of an eye. OR… and this has actually happened to us… you could lose your account due to a hack, a glitch, or any number of reasons. Wiping out your entire social media presence in an instant. 

A few years ago we lost our social media account that had over 30,000 followers and we were never able to get it back. Thankfully, because of our email list, our revenue never skipped a beat and we were able to stay connected with the audience we had worked so hard to build.

And because you OWN your email list – meaning you can download & back up your subscribers, import them into another software, and essentially do whatever you want with them… when you build it right, your email list is the most important, most profitable asset your business owns. 

So, now that we have you convinced, let’s talk best practices for growing an engaged email list of buyers. I’m talking a list of people who are EXCITED to see your name in their Inbox. They click, open and read everything you send… eager to see what you have to share with them next. And they willingly pull out their credit card to buy the products, services and programs you recommend. 

Email List Building | Create a Freebie Funnel

Create a powerful freebie funnel and focus ALL of your social media efforts on driving people to that funnel. 

A freebie funnel is a free resource that you create and share with your audience in exchange for their name and email. This is the best way to GROW your email list, both organically and… once you have a proven, profit system in place… you can even poor some gasoline on the fire and grow your audience faster by using paid ads. 

We cover this in much more detail inside our Repeatable Revenue Masterclass. This free, 60 minute training shows you exactly how to attract, capture & convert your ideal clients and customers… and inside we share our secret strategy for creating consistent, repeatable sales in your business on autopilot, even if you’re starting from scratch or have a small audience. 

You can watch it at Global Freedom Community.com/FreeTraining 

Email List Building | Your Emails Should Always Offer VALUE

If you only use your email to pitch people, you won’t have an engaged list of subscribers for very long. Instead, create anticipation around your emails by packing them with value… 

Directing your subscribers to check out videos and trainings you’ve created on social media, senging them back to live video replays, and even offering exclusive free content in a newsletter style email they can ONLY get if they have subscribed. 

When you consistently email out VALUE to your audience, they will get in the habit of opening and reading your emails… which means they will also open up when you send an email with something to sell. 

Email List Building | Be Consistent

At a minimum you should be emailing your list every week. BUT… and we’ve tested this extensively… we’ve found we get the best open & click through rates when we email our list 5 times a week.

Email List Building | Use Great Subject Lines

You can write the most amazing, value packed email in the world… but if no one opens it, it’s not going to help you. Writing great subject lines that create curiosity, speak to a specific pain point your reader is looking to solve, or mention a specific solution they crave is essential. 

You can also personalize your headlines, including your reader’s name, to boost open rates too.

Email List Building | Always Include a Call to Action!

Soooo many readers will skim an email all the way to the bottom, and only read the PS line. In fact, I bet you’ve done that a few times yourself. Always, always include a PS with a quick recap or call to action that aligns with the content in your email. 

Invite them to join your Facebook group, follow you on Instagram, subscribe to your YouTube channel, forward the email to a friend, or click over to your website to see a specific product, program or service you’re selling. 

You can even use the PS line to build anticipation for a product promo, launch or event that you have coming up. 

Email List Building | Bringing It All Together

When it comes down to it, email can be the most profitable component of your online business. BUT you need to have a clear strategy for growing, nurturing and converting your email list! 

We use our 5-Phase Freedom Focused Profit System to attract, capture & convert our ideal clients, customers and teammates, and create leads & sales on autopilot. And we’ve found that by using social media AND email together in this way, we not only have a constantly growing audience… but also a constantly growing list of customers. 

We break it all down for you step by step inside our free, 60-minute training, Our Repeatable Revenue Masterclass. The steps in this system helped us go from social media nobodies, with no audience or influence, to hitting $300K in sales in just 10 months. 

You can get all the details and watch the training for free at GlobalFreedomCommunity.com/FreeTraining 

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Our Six Figure Blueprint Starter Guide – Learn More

Ready to level up your business, but unsure of where to start? With so many strategies out there for building your business online, the shiny object struggle is real, friend!

Let us take the guesswork out of the equation and show you the exact blueprint we used to take our dreams and turn them into a profitable online business!

Our Proven Social Media Posting Plan for Facebook, Instagram & Stories – Learn More

Are you ready to show up, get seen, and start generating more sales on social media?

Inside this powerful resource we share our exact social media posting plan (with a sample schedule!) for Facebook, Instagram and Stories… giving you a rinse-and-repeat strategy you can start using to generate more likes, comments, leads & sales today!

FREE TRAINING: Go Behind the Scenes of the Personal Branding Strategy We Used to Go from Social Media Nobodies to Multiple Six Figures in 10 Months – Learn More

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We sure hope so, because we put our hearts and souls into sharing our best practices for what is an isn’t working in our network marketing business so you can get better results and reach your own network marketing goals.

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