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How to Build a Personal Brand on Social Media… FAST (Step-by-Step Strategy)

Ready to start branding yourself on social media, but feeling overwhelmed with where to start? I totally get it. When we launched our personal brand we had no audience, no influence and no clue where to begin. Thanks to some very specific strategies we were able to go from social media nobodies to hitting 300K in sales with our personal brand in just 10 months. 

In this post we're taking you step-by-step through the process of how to build a personal brand on social media… fast! And we're not just talking friends and followers. We're talking a PROFITABLE personal brand that generates consistent, repeatable revenue on autopilot. 


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Like most things… building a profitable personal brand quickly on social media all starts with having the right plan, and a clear strategy. And when it comes to going fast, we have 5 words for you: slow down to go faster. 


You don’t need to spend years, or even months growing your personal brand before you get into profit. But you DO need to take the time to put the systems & strategies in place in the beginning, so that as your audience grows your bank account is growing too. 

Also, before we dive in, a little disclaimer: I’m going to break everything down for you step by step in this video, BUT if you want to dive deeper… I’m going to need more time. We created a free 60 minute training called our Repeatable Revenue Masterclass, where we share the unique blueprint we used to go from social media nobodies to hitting 300K in sales in our personal brand in just 10 months.

You’ll get a much more detailed blueprint inside that training, so be sure to go check it out at the button above or just click here.


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Personal Branding on Social Media | Define Your Goals
First up – define your goals. And not just your goals… your vision. If you could fast forward 5 years from today, and have the perfect life, the perfect business, what would that look like? What would you be doing? What would your daily routine look like? Who would you be helping? How would you be helping them? 

Getting clear on your vision from the very beginning makes it easy to know what to say yes to… and what to say no to. By committing to only pursue strategies that align with the lifestyle you’re looking to create, you ensure you don’t end up building a business that you start hating later on.

Personal Branding on Social Media | Define Your Expertise and Your End Game

Next, Define your expertise. What industry do you want to focus on? 

From there, get really clear on your end game: When a new friend or follower comes into your world, where do you ultimately want to lead them? What action do you ultimately want them to take? Do you want to be a coach, create a course, sell a physical product, grow a team? Knowing your end game and making everything else you do congruent to it, is essential to growing a profitable personal brand.

Personal Branding on Social Media | Define Your Bumper Sticker

Once you know your end game, define your bumper sticker — your bumper sticker is a one sentence statement that clearly expresses who you help and how you help them. Don’t just help people get fit. Help new mom’s lose the baby weight with simple no-equipment workouts they can do from home. 

The more specific, and the more niched down you can get in the beginning… the faster you will grow! The best part is, your niche can always grow and evolve as your business grows.

Personal Branding on Social Media | Create a Consistent Social Media Presence

Once you have your bumper sticker, you want to create a consistent social media presence. And no, you don’t need to be on ALL the platforms… but you do need to pick one or two and show up on them consistently, giving value and connecting with your bumper sticker. 

We did an entire video around choosing the best social media platforms for your business based on the current size of your brand, and your goals. You can watch it here. 

Once you’ve chosen your platforms, make sure you are creating consistent branding across all the platforms — using the same colors, the same voice, and sticking to your niche.

Personal Branding on Social Media | Capture Leads & Nurture Trust

Create a freebie funnel to capture the attention & information of your ideal clients or customers, and bring them further into your eco system. This will grow your email list, and keep people connected with you! 

You also want to create a free value facebook group and an email follow up strategy for nurturing your growing audience.

Your group will help turn your audience into a true community… giving you a place to connect with your most loyal followers as your brand grows. And having a value-driven email strategy will train your audience to expect and be excited about seeing your name in their Inbox. 90% of our revenue comes from our email list… so this is a very important step.

Personal Branding on Social Media | The Real Money Maker

One of the biggest mistakes we see people make when growing their brand on social media… is not connecting their brand to their paid offers. 

This is why those first few steps — defining your expertise, your end game, and your bumper sticker, are essential. Knowing those things will tell you what products, services or programs to drive your audience to.

As people join your email list and come into your world… use your follow up emails, free value Facebook groups, and social media posts to funnel them to your paid offers. Use smaller offers to convert more followers into customers quickly to create cashflow, while leading them to your larger end game offers over time.

Personal Branding Strategy | Bringing It All Together

Okay, that’s your crash course in personal branding and a step-by-step overview of how to build a profitable personal brand quickly. 

Like we mentioned earlier in the post, we simply don’t have time to give you ALL the strategy in a short video like this… but if you want our complete blueprint, definitely check out our Repeatable Revenue Masterclass, which is a full 60 minute training where we can give you all the goods. 

Inside we’ll show you how to attract, capture & convert your ideal clients on autopilot… so your business can start creating consistent revenue, even if you’re starting from scratch and don’t have a huge audience yet. 

We hit multiple six figures from our personal brand in just 10 months using the blueprint we share in that training, and we really share all of our best stuff in there! You can reserve your seat by clicking on the button below! 

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Our Six Figure Blueprint Starter Guide – Learn More

Ready to level up your business, but unsure of where to start? With so many strategies out there for building your business online, the shiny object struggle is real, friend!

Let us take the guesswork out of the equation and show you the exact blueprint we used to take our dreams and turn them into a profitable online business!

Profitable Social Media Posting Plan for Facebook, Instagram & Stories – Learn More

Are you ready to show up, get seen, and start generating more sales on social media?

Inside this powerful resource we share our exact social media posting plan (with a sample schedule!) for Facebook, Instagram and Stories… giving you a rinse-and-repeat strategy you can start using to generate more likes, comments, leads & sales today!

FREE TRAINING: Go Behind the Scenes of the Personal Branding Strategy We Used to Go from Social Media Nobodies to Multiple Six Figures in 10 Months – Learn More

Did you get some value out of this episode?

We sure hope so, because we put our hearts and souls into sharing our best practices for what is an isn’t working in our network marketing business so you can get better results and reach your own network marketing goals.

Did you get value from this post?

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