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Miracle Morning for Ambitious Entrepreneurs | How to Create a Morning Routine to Quickly Get Momentum and Traction in Your Business

Would you like to start each day with an endless supply of courage, enthusiasm, persistence, creativity and energy? 

If you were able to do that, do you think you’d also be able to stay focused and consistent in your business, regardless of the distractions, fears and discomforts that come your way? 

In this episode we’re sharing our miracle morning for ambitious entrepreneurs to help you create a morning routine to quickly get momentum and traction in your business.

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In each episode of Global Freedom TV we like to provide you with a powerful free resource to help you get the most out of what we cover together.

This week we’re providing you with a Morning Routine Template to help you quickly create your own morning routine that inspires and motivates you to take action.

This free template will help you start each day with focus and courage… so you can conquer fear and ignore the distractions that are keeping you from getting results in your business.

You can download it for free now by clicking on the image above, or just click here. 



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The Miracle Morning for Ambitious Entrepreneurs

When someone asks us for the ‘one thing’ that will help them get unstuck and transform their business, our answer is simple: The Miracle Morning. 

It’s the one thing that has kept us motivated and focused when the results weren’t coming. 

It’s the one thing that has pushed us to keep going, to never give up, even when all logic said we should. 

It’s the one thing that spurs us forward on the bad days, the down days, the busy days. 

In short — it’s the one thing that has contributed to our success more than any script, funnel or prospecting strategy ever has.

Click Here to Grab Your Miracle Morning Template Now

Why the Miracle Morning Works

When you start each day with an intentional morning routine, you start your day in control. 

Rather than waking up to immediately react to the demands of the day — screaming kids, barking dogs, trying to get ready for work while cooking breakfast and making lunches and finding misplaced homework — you wake up and focus on the most important thing: yourself. 

We all want to create a level 10 life — we all want to be operating at our fullest potential, at the highest level possible, in each area of our lives.

But here’s the thing: Your outer world is a direct reflection of your inner world, and your life is only going to transform as fast as you do.

Unless you’re willing to spend time each day intentionally developing yourself, you will struggle to create meaningful, lasting results in each and every area of your life.

The Miracle Morning gives you that time.

Total Transformation in 20 Minutes a Day

We get it… you’re not a morning person. 

That’s why we aren’t asking you to get up an hour early, or even a half hour early each day! 

All we’re asking for is 20 minutes — 20 minutes a day to experience things like:

  • Less stress & More Energy
  • Greater Productivity
  • More Clarity and Focus to Overcome Challenges and Distractions
  • The Ability to Attract Wealth and Abundance into Your Life

In other words, you’ll stop settling for status quo and finally step into the extraordinary life you desire and deserve!


For the first two minutes of your morning routine you want to focus on your goals.

Use notecards to create goal statements that list the goal you’re shooting for and 2-3 benefits of each goal.

Spend two minutes each morning reading your goal statements to yourself!

Positive Affirmations

We talk to ourselves more than we talk to any other human being. 

Unfortunately, unless we intentionally do something to counteract it, 95% of what we say to ourselves is negative… 

I’m not good enough. This is scary. I don’t want to do this. I can’t do this. I don’t have time to do this. 

It’s time to change the inner dialogue that’s happening in your head and start transforming your inner self so you can transform your outer self! 

Each morning spend 2 minutes reading your positive affirmations out loud to yourself.


Our mind doesn’t know the difference between imagination and reality. This means we can trick our minds into believing a powerful new future for ourselves by practicing visualization. 

We already practice visualization every day — the problem is we usually waste our time visualizing things that have already happened, reliving our failures, fears and negative experiences over and over again… which keeps us stuck right where we are.

By taking time each morning to focus on visualizing our goals, affirmations and the lifestyle those things will allow us to live, we start believing that’s the way things should be, and start acting accordingly. 

We both use a vision video for this exercise — using our best goal statements, affirmations and photos that represent the lifestyle we want to live. We set these images to music and watch our vision video each morning for 4 minutes.

Personal Development

Every day our minds become filled with the negativity of the world around us — our minds are constantly bombarded with negative input, which can make it extremely difficult to maintain a positive mindset throughout the day. 

By spending 10 minutes in personal development each morning — reading or listening to a resources to help you develop the mindset, beliefs and thought patterns for success, you are intentionally interrupting this negative communication and giving your mind the fuel it needs for the day. 


You’ll never get more in life until you learn to be thankful for what you already have. 

Each morning spend 2 minutes practicing gratitude:

  • For your health, your pumping heart, your breathing lungs. 
  • For your family, friends and loved ones.
  • For your business and the opportunities that await you.
  • And for the day ahead.

By finishing your morning routine with a mindset of gratitude, you give yourself the power to move forward with a positive, abundant attitude to start your day! 

Unlimited Want Power

When you start practicing this morning routine you’re going to be fueled with unlimited want power each and every day. 

The reason people struggle with focus, consistency and taking action on their goals is because they start with willpower – they know what they want, and they try to ‘push themselves’ to take action despite the fear, distractions and discomforts they are experiencing along the way. 

The problem with this is willpower is finite — it runs out! And you can only keep going for so long before burnout and overwhelm set in. 

By starting each day with your morning routine you are creating Want Power — removing those negative thoughts, fears and distractions and replacing them with positive affirmations, visions and gratitude. 

The best thing about want power is it is unlimited!! And it has the power to fuel you for months, even years as you work toward your biggest goals!


Ready to dive in and create your own morning routine? Grab your free Morning Routine Template Now!

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We sure hope so, because we put our hearts and souls into sharing our best practices for what is an isn’t working in our network marketing business so you can get better results and reach your own network marketing goals.

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Create a Great Day!

Kathy & Jordan

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