Hey there! We're so pumped that you landed here on this page! 

If you're here looking to partner with us in our network marketing company and become a part of our incredible #DreamTeam… you are in the right place!

Having been in the network marketing industry since 1997 (Kathy) and 2005 (Jordan)… we've been exposed to a ton of different business models, comp plans, and products. And to be 100% transparent with you, there are some very specific reasons why we chose to work with the company we're with:

  • A global company with a corporate team that embraces social media and personal branding, and building your business online the right way.
  • A globally-recognized Dream Team upline where we got to partner with some of the most well-known names in the industry. We are partnered personally with rock stars like John & Nadya Melton, Tanya Aliza, & Julie Burke… just to name a few!

  • A proven online system that works 100% online with no inventory, home parties or hotel meetings that makes it simple for new people to get started FAST and creates rapid duplication world wide.

  • A stable company that has stood the test of time (no risky start-ups).

  • A comp plan that rewards people for building their customer baseallowing you to rank advance to the top of the company, cross the stage & qualify for free trips and other incentives even if you never want to build a team.

  • A Wide Range of Products At Affordable Prices That Appeal to Everyone (No overpriced products, or promoting just one product line that only appeals to a small group of people)


We have no idea if those things are as important to you as they are to us, but when you're looking to partner with a new company it's important to choose a model that fits YOU and ticks all the boxes you're looking for!


We use and love products from a LOT of different network marketing companies… but chose to build here because of the systems, leadership comp plan & support that were second to none.

Because we found something with the right systems & support we were looking for, we've been able to create outstanding success in our company… and help our team members do the same!


In fact, our team is the fastest growing team in North America!


As wonderful as it would be to work together… we want to make sure it's a good fit for all of us.


We don't work with everyone, because we work very closely with our team and don't have the time to work with a lot of new people at once. This is why we limit the number of people we enroll each month to just 4-6 people, depending on our schedule.


If you would love to work with us though… we would be super pumped to meet you, and explore if this might be the right fit for all of us!


Here's who we're looking for:

  • Someone who's coachable

  • Someone who's motivated & excited to create their success story

  • Someone who's fun to work with *this is the biggest one!!*

  • Someone who is positive & has a no-excuses mindset!


We have exclusive training & support tools just for our serious team builders that will give you an unfair advantage over other home business builders… not just in our company, but in other companies as well!


We're all about helping you leverage your time & resources so you can build your business in just a few hours a week… and because of this, most of our team members end up enrolling their first customers before their products even arrive!


Our team hit one of the top ranks in the entire company last year… and we're running hard for the next one. If you are ready to jump in and be a part of a fun tribe who's winning and creating success stories left and right…. and if you're serious about creating true time & financial freedom while also building a personal lifestyle you love…


We are currently accepting applications to work with people who are ready to take action and create the life they've always DREAMED about!