What You Should Be Focusing On If You’re Making Less Than $1000 per Month

Every week we have people tell us, “I'm brand new! I feel overwhelmed, and I'm just not sure what I should be focusing on!” 

Or, “I've been around for a while, but haven't had ANY results yet! I'm not sure what to do to finally start making money!” 

In this episode we're breaking it down for you step-by-step, showing you exactly what you should be doing (and what you should NOT be doing) if you're making less than $1000 a month in your business.

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Where Most People Get Stuck

If you are brand new in your business — meaning if you have no customers or team members yet — the places you’re most likely to get stuck in are “planning mode”, “research mode” and “training mode”. Believe me, I get it! These are easy places to stay… they’re COMFORTABLE… but here’s the thing: your business will never grow from here! 

Often we stay stuck in those places because we are fearful and we doubt ourselves. We say we “aren’t ready” to get into action yet. We’re “still learning”. But in network marketing we get to EARN while we learn… and in fact, the only way to really learn how to grow this business is by doing. 

You are going to be uncomfortable… and you are going to be bad at this business. It doesn’t matter how long you plan, research and train… when you finally get into action you’re going to mess up! That’s okay! It means you’re learning. It means you’re growing! Learn to embrace the discomfort and act anyway! 

You are ready! You CAN do this! So let’s go! 

The other place people get stuck is in “management” or “motivating” mode — this happens most often with people who are just starting to build a team and grow a customer base. You get a few business partners with you and all personal activity goes out the window — instead, you spend your time focusing on the management and motivation of those on your team… with little or no success. 

Instead, lead from the front and continue to take consistent income producing action in your business. The best network marketing leaders are like quarterbacks… in the game, running plays. Not screaming their coaching tips from the sidelines.

What You Should Be Focusing On | Mindset + Skillset

Too many people fail in network marketing before they even get started because they allow fear and a lack of belief to leave them paralyzed. And if they DO happen to take some kind of action, they’re out at the first sign of resistance. 

We don’t want this to be you. 

That’s why it’s imperative that you spend time every day in personal and professional development. 

Personal development is going to help you develop the belief systems and thought processes of a top earner. It’s going to arm your mind with what is necessary to overcome adversity, push through distractions and stay in action regardless of what’s going on in and around your business. 

Professional development is going to help you develop the skill sets of a top earner. You’re going to learn the right way to network, invite, follow up and enroll new people, along with developing the leadership skills you need to step in and lead a 6- and 7-figure organization. 

We recommend you spend no less than 30 minutes a day in personal and/or professional development for your business.

What You Should Be Focusing On | Personal Prospecting

Personal Prospecting is the lifeblood of your network marketing business. If you aren’t consistently networking, inviting, following up and enrolling people into your business, you aren’t making money. And you will never reach the $1000 a month level, much less go beyond it. 

There are very specific activities that need to happen in your personal prospecting each week. Most people simply aren’t taking enough of the right actions to get the results they want.

You definitely want to watch our 4-Step Online Prospecting and Team Building Blueprint Masterclass where you can see how we find an endless supply of prospects online and invite them to take a look at our business without feeling pushy or spammy.

What You Should Be Focusing On | Fast Start Your New Team Members

When you do start enrolling new team members you can avoid getting into management mode by having a systematic set of strategies you use to help your new person get off to a fast start. You want your brand new team member to get a check ASAP — this keeps them in the game for the long haul, and creates exponential growth and duplication in your team.

In the masterclass we share our best follow up and duplication strategies to help you enroll more of your prospects and help them get results quickly so they don't quit.

Ready to learn exactly how we implemented each of these strategies to create a multiple 6-figure business online? Join us for our FREE Masterclass below:

Additional Resources That Will Help You

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Our 4-Step Online Prospecting & Team Building Blueprint – Learn More

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We sure hope so, because we put our hearts and souls into sharing our best practices for what is an isn’t working in our network marketing business so you can get better results and reach your own network marketing goals.

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