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[Sneak Peek] Inside Our Wildly Successful 90-Day Launch

by | May 26, 2020 | Global Freedom Community | 0 comments

[Sneak Peek] Inside Our Wildly Successful 90-Day Launch

Do you ever wonder how successful network marketing leaders would grow their business if they had to start all over again? 

After 10+ years with the same company, we found ourselves starting over January of 2018. In our first 90 Days we were able to build a team of 53 people and over 150 customers, using the same proven strategies we teach every single day. 

There was nothing fancy or complicated about it (we did not bring over a single person from our prior team)… we simply followed a proven formula consistently to get the results we wanted.

Inside this episode we're pulling back the curtain and sharing the exact steps we followed to go from a team of 1 to a team of 53 in 90 days, using strategies you can easily implement in your own business as well.

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In each episode of Coffee w/ K&J we like to provide you with a powerful free resource to help you get the most out of what we cover together.

For this episode we put together a free download called Our Proven 90 Day Launch Formula to help you launch or relaunch your own business and get results FAST!

This resource is a step-by-step guide of the same actions we took to build a team of 53 people and do over 30,000 in sales in 90 days. We dive deeper into some of the strategies covered in this episode, and give you the steps to create a proven launch (or relaunch) plan of your own!

You can download the formula by clicking on the button above or just click here.

We Are Not Special

We decided to put together this podcast episode as a form of proof that the simple strategies really do work. We do not consider ourselves to be prolific recruiters or network marketing super stars… what we are proud of though is our ability to take something that so many people overcomplicate and make it simple.

This is what creates duplication, and real growth in your business: when you can enroll people and immediately plug them into a step-by-step proven system where they can quickly and easily copy your results.

In the first 90 days at our new company we were able to create very powerful results following the same simple strategies we share with you every day. What does that mean for you? You can easily go out and create the same results in your own business if you’re willing to jump in, do the work and remain consistent. 

Success Loves Speed

Back in 2011 we had the opportunity to partner up and work with Eric Worre (Mr. Network Marketing Pro!) for a couple of years. We learned a lot of things during that journey, but one of the things that sticks out the most is Success Loves Speed. A successful 90-Day launch is not about doing anything different… it’s simply about doing MORE. More networking. More inviting. More follow-up. And, as a result… More enrolling. 


Hang around us for very long and you’ll quickly learn… we repeat this formula frequently and loudly. Why? Because it’s proven to work… regardless of what company you’re with, whether you’re building ‘old school’ or online, whether you live in a big city or a small town, whether you’re brand new, or have been around for years. 

If you want to create success in your business, you must commit to meeting and building relationships with 25 new people every week. You must commit to consistently invite 14 people who know, like and trust you to take a look at your BUSINESS every week, which will help you find 3 people each week who watch your company’s presentation. Get 3 people in front of a presentation, and you can expect to enroll at least one if you follow up with them properly. 

It's Not a Secret… It's a Numbers Game

In our 90-day launch we invited 315 people to take a look at our business. 127 of those watched our company’s presentation, and 25 have decided to partner with us by enrolling in our business. 13 people who watched our presentation decided the business would not be a good fit for them right now, but loved the products and became a customer. From there, we plugged each person into the duplicatable system we have for our team, which… by the end of our first 90 days…. had grown to 53 people. 

Even if you’re NOT a numbers person, try to hang in here with me for one minute: 

By using our 14 => 3 => 1 formula, you’ll find only 21% of the people you invite to take a look at your business will watch the presentation. 

Only 7% of the people you invite to take a look will actually enroll as a business builder. 

You’ll see our number from our 90-Day launch are very similar to this formula: 

40% of the people we invited to take a look made it to our presentation. 

Even so, only 7.6% made the decision to partner with us as business builders. 

Now you may be wondering why our presentation numbers were higher. 40% is quite a bit more than 21%. We don’t know, but we believe there are a number of factors at play here. 

First, since we have Global Freedom Community, a lot of people likely wanted to see what we were up to and how we do things, even though they weren’t super interested in partnering with our company. You'll see though… even though we had higher presentation numbers, our final enrollment numbers were about the same.

We lead with the business — meaning we invite people to look at the business first, and if they aren't interested we invite them to try the products. This also resulted in 13 new customers for us as well.

We encourage you to try this formula in your own business and track your results — you may find your numbers are a bit different than ours at first: it depends on your skills, influence, type of people you're inviting, etc. Over time though… as you build your influence on social media and stay consistent, you'll find these numbers to be pretty accurate, regardless of which business you're building!

Tips for Success

Launching Fast — When someone joins our team, we have them follow a 6-step launch process that includes a series of posts, live videos, and active reach outs. This helps people get results quickly… and since we followed these steps too, this is where we got most of our initial leads. 

Social Media Postings — We follow a value-driven social media formula, and do not use the name of our company or products publicly on social media. This creates curiosity and influence with our audience, which generates consistent lead flow each and every week. 

Contact Manager — There's no way to keep track of 315 invitations and 127 presentations without something to help you stay organized. We use a contact manager that tells us where each person is in our funnel, when we need to follow up with them and what step to introduce to them next. 

Virtual Facebook Events — In our 3rd month we decided to implement monthly virtual opportunity events where we share the business with interested prospects. This has become one of our greatest assets in building our business each month, as it provides a reason to follow up with people who are in your funnel but have not yet made a decision. 

We teach all of these strategies (and more) inside our Freedom Seeker Coaching Program! Click Here to Learn More and Join the Waitlist.

The Rest of the Story

At the time of this episode, it's been almost 2 1/2 years since we started over and did our 90 Day Launch. In that time we've been able to personally enroll over 100 people, do over 1.5 million dollars in sales volume and hit one of top ranks in the company by simply rinsing & repeating the simple steps we shared in this post, and helping our team do the same. 

The moral of the story is consistency. 

Consistently following the right steps, in the right order, for a long enough period of time to get results. 

It all starts with a strong start… which you can accomplish by executing your own 90 day launch! 

Ready to launch or relaunch your business and create your own success story? Click Here to download our Proven 90 Day Launch Formula now!

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If you’re ready to build a huge team online without bugging your friends and family, Freedom Seeker  University is for you!

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Did you get value from this post?

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