Network Marketing Success Tips | 5 Reasons People Fail in Network Marketing

Are you excited to ROCK OUT your network marketing business, but terrified you’re going to fall flat on your face?

In this week’s episode we’re sharing 5 reasons why people fail in network marketing, and how YOU can avoid them.

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This week we’ve pulled together 20 of our favorite affirmations to help you think, act and earn like a top producer!

Your success in network marketing begins and ends with what’s going on between your ears, and this powerful Affirmation Guide will help you silence the head trash once and for all, and give you the courage and motivation to keep going until you win.

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Network Marketing Success Tips | Reasons vs Excuses

If you ask someone why their network marketing business didn’t work they might tell you it’s because the product was too hard to sell. Because no one wanted to join their business. Because they didn’t know enough people. Because their market was already too saturated. Because they didn’t have enough support from their upline, or because they just weren’t very good at selling.

These are not reasons. They are excuses. And you know how we know that? Because if you look hard enough you will find someone who’s earning a 6- or 7-figure income after having overcome every single one of these ‘reasons’.

Where some see excuses and failure, others see opportunities and success. And failure in network marketing is never about who you know, or what you say, or the price of your products or whether you got in at the right time.

We believe it’s time to set the record straight once and for all, and get to the bottom of why people REALLY fail in network marketing.

Network Marketing Success Tips | Unrealistic Expectations

This reason is sneaky, and often causes people to quit and give up before they’ve ever gotten started.

And this reason is Unrealistic Expectations.

They think building this business will be fast and easy. And are quickly disappointed when they discover this is not the case.

Former PR Executive turned 7-Figure Network Marketing Leader and Author Romi Neustadt said it best: WHY would you think that building your own six or seven figure business would be easy?

For real.

There are too many people out there mistaking SIMPLE for EASY. Because yes, building a network marketing business IS simple. But easy, it is not.

And yes, building a lasting six or seven figure business in 4-6 years IS fast.

At least, it’s a heck of a lot faster than working 40 years in a job you hate so you can retire on half of what was barely paying the bills in the first place.

But make no mistake — network marketing is called a 4-YEAR career, not a 4 month career or a 4 day career. And many top earners struggled for YEARS before they ever broke through and experienced true success.

So… why do people come into this business with unrealistic expectations? 

Unfortunately it’s often because they’re given promises of results without being warned about the hard work it will take to bring those promises to fruition.

The bottom line is, network marketing comes with a powerful promise, but it also has a price. And it’s time we start making people aware of both sides of the coin. Because guess what? The promise is WORTH the price!

Sometimes though, even when we KNOW things aren’t going to happen overnight, we still get frustrated when our business doesn’t grow as quickly as we’d like it to. Sometimes we still get stuck in a negative funk. That’s okay, but one of the greatest network marketing success secrets is that it’s not about never getting down… it’s about how long you stay there! 

The affirmations shared in this free download will help you get up faster each time you fall down, and show you how to develop the mindset required to become a top earner in your company and help you learn how to quickly get back into action so you can achieve the success you desire.

Network Marketing Success Tips | Being Uncoachable

Ask Michael Jordan what his greatest skill was, and he’ll tell you: I was coachable. 

He was a sponge, and aggressive to learn. 

Being uncoachable is a common problem in network marketing, we think because many people who join our industry are already Type A personalities who like to be in charge! 

But here’s the thing, in network marketing we are incredibly fortunate in that we don’t have to reinvent the wheel! And the fastest way to succeed is to find someone who’s already achieved the level of success you desire who is willing to share their strategies with you, then, duplicate what they did to create your own success! 

Being coachable is not only seeking the advice of others who are already living the success you desire, but also taking action on that advice.

Network Marketing Success Tips | Not Treating Your Business Like a Business

Network marketing is a part-time business, but it is NOT a some-time business.

The low barrier of entry, low monthly requirements, lack of accountability and “get rich quick” mentality are all factors that lead to people failing to treat their business with the commitment it deserves.

There’s a very simple network marketing success secret to help you start treating your business like the million-dollar-asset it is:

First, we want to write down the income you most desire to achieve in your business.

Not the income you want to have next month, or even next year. We mean ultimately. What’s your biggest, long-term income goal for your business?

Let’s say, for example, you want your network marketing business to pay you $5,000 a month.

Most top earners in network marketing spend about 12 hours a week working their business, which translates to about 48 hours a month.

So now, we want you to break down your monthly income goal into an hourly wage: $5,000 divided by 48 hours is an hourly rate of $104 per hour.

Let me ask you another question: Do you work your business as if it pays you $104 an hour?

We’re going to guess the answer is probably not!

Take a calendar and carve out 10-15 hours you can devote to your business each week.

How will you spend this time?

Growing your network. Inviting people to take a look at your business. Presenting your business opportunity and helping those who choose to join you how to get off to a fast start.

If you’re building your business online, you’ll also want to spend part of this time marketing yourself and your business on social media.

So carve out your hours, then ask yourself: How would I act if I knew I would get paid $104 every hour that I work my business?

Then treat your business with that same level of reverence and commitment and work the hours on your calendar.

Network Marketing Success Tips | Limiting Beliefs

I’m too young. I’m too old. I do not have enough experience. No one wants to follow me. No one ones to listen to me. No one respects me. I am not a leader. I can’t do this. I don’t have a big enough network. I don’t know the right people. I don’t know what to say. I don’t… I can’t… I’m not.

Stop it.

You do. You can. And you are.

Limiting beliefs will stop you in your tracks faster than anything else in this business. And that is because you can never ever out perform your own belief system. Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you are right. So we best get busy figuring out how to think we can.

Network Marketing Success Tips | Fear

Fear is the number one stealer of dreams. It stops people more often than anything else, leaving them paralyzed and unable to do the things they know they need to do in order to reach their goals.

Fear ruins more dreams than anything else. It’s what keeps you staring at the phone… staring at your computer screen… engaging in “busy work”… getting caught up in drama…. anything to keep you from actually having to do the things you need to do in order to grow your business. 

Fear and limiting beliefs are tied together strongly. The better you feel about yourself and your abilities, the less fear you will feel and the more willing you will be to take the actions that will lead to success. So in order to ditch fear, you must start with ditching your limiting beliefs about yourself!

The 20 affirmations in this episode’s free download are a great place to start!

Network Marketing Success Tips | Bringing It All Together

The only real way to fail in network marketing is to quit. We know so many leaders who struggled for YEARS before they found success… and the reason they did is because they were relentless in the pursuit of their dreams, and committed to learning and executing the skills you need to succeed. 

Stay in. Stay focused. Stay in action. You’ve got this!

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