How to Share Your Network Marketing Business When You Don’t Have Results Yet

Are you excited to share your new business, but not sure what to say since you don’t have results yet? 

Maybe you’re even embarrassed to admit you’ve been at this for a while… but haven’t exactly knocked it out of the park.

In this episode we’re sharing 3 tips to help you share your business effectively, even if you don’t have results! You can use these tips yourself, or feel free to share them with your brand new team members!

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In each episode of Global Freedom TV we like to provide you with a powerful free resource to help you get the most out of what we cover together.

This week we’re providing you with our Craft Your Story Worksheet to help you learn how to create a compelling story that inspires people to join you, regardless of your own current results. 

 In network marketing we are professional story tellers (more on that in a second) and this week’s free download will help you create a professional, compelling story that leaves your prospect asking, “How can I learn more?” 

You can download this worksheet for free now by clicking on the image above, or just click here. 

How do I share my network marketing business when I don’t have results yet? 

Today we’re going to share our three BEST strategies you can start using immediately to share your business whether you’re A) Brand new, B) Are trying to help your brand new team members, or C) Have been around a while and still haven’t achieved results in your business (this one stumps a lot of people!). 

Sharing Your Business Strategy #1 | Use the Tools

One of our mentors always said, “If your mouth is moving, your finger should be pointing!” 

In other words… keep your mouth shut and let the tools do the talking! 

When you use tools to share your products and business it takes YOU out of the equation — you don’t have to be the expert. Instead, you get to leverage the branding and knowledge of your company or upline, using the tools they put together. 

Not everyone can stand up and give a flawless presentation, but anyone can hit play.

Not everyone can memorize the ingredients list of every product, but anyone can send a LINK to the ingredients list to a prospect. 

This works in your favor in 2 ways: 

  1. Your prospect naturally sees you as an expert regardless of your current results, because you’re providing professional tools that answer their questions and lead them through the information-gathering process. They may not see YOU as a credible source (yet), but by providing the right tools to help them make a decision they see your business and products as credible anyway. 


  2. When using tools to share the business you’re naturally addressing the #1 question every prospect is asking themselves (although they rarely say it out loud!): “Can I do this?” If you’re trying to answer all their questions from memory they automatically think they’ll have to do the same. And truth-be-told, they won’t remember half of what you said anyway! 

By using the tools to share the right information you’re making the process all about your prospect and your opportunity/products — instead of basing your information on your own training or results, you’re letting the tools do the talking for you! 

Sharing Your Business Strategy #2 | Use Stories

Facts tell, stories sell. Your prospect will into buy WHY you’re doing something 10x more often than they’ll buy into WHAT you’re doing. 

As network marketers we are professional story tellers. And when you combine the right tools with the right stories, you have a dynamite combination! 

There are two kinds of stories you want to have in your toolbox and use frequently when talking with your prospects: 

Your own personal story.

A lot of people struggle with how to tell their story when they’re first starting out. You may be thinking you don’t have a story… which couldn’t be further from the truth! You can still share your story effectively by learning how to share WHY you decided to become involved in your company, and what your new journey is going to do for you. 

To help you out with this we’ve put together our Professional Story Teller Worksheet that includes a fill-in-the-blank template to help you craft a compelling story that will leave your prospects asking, “How can I learn more?” You can use this template to write both a product and business story for your prospects, and you can even share it with your team members! 

To download your copy of the worksheet, just click here. 

Stories from other people. 

Sometimes the stories of other people can be just effective as your own story, if not even more! The key here is to learn how to share stories from others with confidence and conviction. We use stories in our business every day — We share stories about our upline, crossline leaders in the company, and even other leaders in the network marketing profession who aren’t in our company at all! 

Stories are powerful both BEFORE people agree to take a look at your business, during the follow up process and even after they join. We use stories just as much when coaching our team as we do when working with prospects. Why? Because the stories are what sell! 

We want to challenge you to become a story collector. Use the template in the professional story teller worksheet to create short, 30-second stories from 5-10 people in the network marketing profession. These can be your upline or crossline leaders, or even others in the industry you’ve never met. 

Sharing Your Business Strategy #3 | Use 3-Way Messages

3rd-Party-Validation is one of THE most powerful resources you can use when sharing your business with others.

Like tools, 3-way calls and 3-way messages take YOU and your results out of the equation, while at the same time showing your prospect that they will have help and support should they choose to join you. 

3-Way calls are great, but since we so often use Facebook for prospecting these days, what we REALLY love to use with our business and team is 3-way messages. 

When talking to a prospect through Facebook Messenger, I love to pop my upline into the conversation to give a second opinion, to answer a question or just to share their story. It’s much more simple than scheduling a 3-way call, and you can initiate a 3-way message without having to worry about getting an objection from your prospect. 

The good news is you can do this without prescheduling an appointment with your prospect OR your upline! Each person is at liberty to respond to the message at their own convenience. 

It’s a win-win! 

Sharing Your Business Bonus Strategy | The Day You Decided

At the beginning of the episode we mention that we’re going to help you learn how to share your business effectively even if you’ve been in for a LONG time and haven’t had any results yet. 

This one stumps many people, but with this simple strategy you can create a powerful story that serves you (and pays you!) for years to come!

In network marketing there is nothing more powerful than the act of simply making a decision. No matter where you are, where you’ve been, how successful or unsuccessful you’ve been up to this very moment that you’re reading this right now… you can decide today to move forward differently. 

You can decide today to relaunch your business, to create a fresh start, and to create a new story. 

There’s something really powerful about being able to share a 30-day story with your prospects about what’s possible in this business in as little as 30 days. If you’ve been struggling up to this point, my suggestion to you is this: 

Decide to get serious. 

Decide today how many team members you will enroll in the next 30, 60 and 90 days. Then, create a plan of action that supports that goal and take all-out massive action, no excuses, until you see it through. 

From this moment on your story could be: “I joined network marketing in 20xx, and didn’t do much with it at first. However the day I decided to get really serious about my business I went on to enroll X people and X customers into my business over the next month and earned enough to cover my [benefits].” 

See how powerful that is??? 

No matter where you’ve been, what you’ve done or not done, you can begin fresh today! 

Ready to dive in and create your own story? Download our Craft Your Story Worksheet now!

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