Why we do what We do

Call us crazy, but we believe that as an entrepreneur you get to design the lifestyle you want to live FIRST, then create a business that makes that lifestyle possible. 

This philosophy has allowed us to create a laptop lifestyle business we get to work just a few hours a week from anywhere in the world; generating sales every day, whether we're working or not.

now We're *obsessed* with helping other women do the same.

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Whether You're an Aspiring Coach or
Course Creator, a Network Marketer or Someone
With a Product or Service-Based Business:

Our Rejection-Free Profit System can help you create a profitable online presence in just a few hours a week from 

anywhere in the world. We can say this with confidence because this is the exact system we use to power 

our own 7-figure global brand and business with 8 different income streams.

But it hasn't always been this way...

The Day We Decided to Launch The Global Freedom Community... at a Personal Branding Bootcamp in Florida!

Entrepreneurial Roots

We got our start online in the network marketing world, where we developed an online prospecting & recruiting system for our team that helped us go on to win the award for the fastest growing organization in the company... five years in a row.

A Desire to Help Others

We saw a gap in the marketplace, and decided to launch a coaching business in 2017 to help other network marketers create duplicatable online systems for their teams.

Our First Roadblock

When we launched our coaching business we had no audience, no influence, and no CLUE where to start. Like most people, we went online looking for help... and we were overwhelmed by all the information we found.

It seemed like everyone was peddling "the best way" to start and grow an online business, but none of them told the whole story. 

We invested tens of thousands of dollars into dozens of programs: one to learn webinars, another to build funnels, one for Facebook... and Instagram... YouTube... and Blogging. We even bought courses on how to create digital courses. 

 In the end all we had were random, broken strategies that not only didn't fit together... but often contradicted each other.

It was time to face facts

What we had was NOT a business. It was a time consuming, expensive hobby that was sucking up all our energy and resources. 

A Line in the Sand

We took everything we learned, laid it all out on the kitchen table and asked: 

"How can we take all these random strategies and make them fit together to create the lifestyle we want to live?

It took months of trial, error and testing, but...

When It Worked, It was Like Magic

Within 30 days we went from never having made a sale to bringing in $4307 in revenue. The next month our sales tripled and we brought in $13,078. 

The best part is we were doing it on OUR TERMS. Working less than ever before while our system did the heavy lifting for us.

Our first mastermind event where 

we launched our first sales funnel!

 And because our system didn't rely on time consuming launches, filling our calendar with zoom calls, or spending all day on social media Posting & drumming up business in DMs...

our sales were consistent, and scalable. 

 Fast Forward 6 Short Months... 

And there we were vacationing at the beach with our family, celebrating our first $20,000 Month. 

Within 10 months of getting that first sale, we hit $300,000 in revenue.

Today we run a 7-figure global brand and business with 8 different income streams,
all powered by our Rejection-Free Profit System.

We hope you'll join us on our mission to give ambitious women the blueprint to start, grow and automate their online business, so you can create a profitable online presence without stress and overwhelm.

We hope you'll join us on our mission to give ambitious women the blueprint to start,
grow and automate their online business, so you can create a profitable online presence
without stress and overwhelm.

Okay, now for the fun stuff:

We Live In...


We Cheer For...

Texas Tech

We Love to Eat...

Tex Mex

We Really Love...


We're Listening To...

George Strait & Taylor Swift

We Look Up To...

Amy Porterfield

Meet the mom

kathy Schneider

A former-school-teacher-turned-entrepreneur, Kathy started working online because she wanted to be a full time Mom while also making a contribution to the family finances. 

She was able to triple her prior teaching income before her youngest child started school, and has never looked back. 

Entrepreneurship is Kathy's favorite hobby. But when she's NOT working you'll usually find her traveling across the country with her husband, Jimmy (Jordan's Dad) in their RV!

Kathy's Favorite Things: Family, Faith & George Strait

Kathy's Zone of Genius:

Organization & Routines

From her millionaire morning routine, to her work-day wind down routine and everything in between... Kathy is the master at helping female entrepreneurs use organization and routines to set boundaries, and get more done in less time.

relationships & Networking

Whether it's a brand new Instagram follower, a recent lead, or a longtime customer... Kathy's genuine love for people makes her a natural at helping you build trust, authority & connection in your business. 

Long-Term Thinking

Kathy has a secret talent for taking any big idea, and mapping it out step-by-step in a simple, bite-sized way. She believes the secret to business success is having systems that work whether you have just 1 customer, or 10,000: she'll help you set your systems up the right way from the start.

Meet the daughter

Jordan Maylea

Jordan started her first business as a senior in high school, and dropped out of college after 1 year to pursue her business as a career. It took her 4 years to earn her first comma check, and another 5 to go 'full time', but after that... she never looked back! 

Jordan's passion is Dressage (competitive horseback riding), and when she's not working you'll usually find her at the barn or visiting National Parks with her husband Chris and their 3 pups! 

Jordan's Favorite Things: Hiking, Harry Potter, Texas Tech Sports #wreckem

Jordan's Zone of Genius:

Content Creation

From stories and reels, to blog posts and YouTube videos, Jordan's passion in business is to take high-value concepts and deliver them in bite-sized pieces. Her mission is to help you see just how simple creating content can be, and help you create raving fans who devour your content along the way. 


Winning the 1st-6th Grade Creative Writing contest as a 1st Grader... Jordan has been writing since she could hold a pen. Her passion for marketing has sent her on a journey to master sales and conversion copy, and help you share your message through captions, web content and email marketing. 

Marketing Funnels

A self-proclaimed funnel hacker, Jordan loves getting inside the world's top converting sales funnels to see what makes them tick. She loves helping clients dissect their message and customer journey to create high converting funnels that deliver leads and sales on autopilot.

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Every month this year my sales have been double or triple what the were last year. Kathy & Jordan helped me get clear on my niche and how to attract the right people. I now have a constantly growing email list with a clear strategy of what to send them each week, and I've even created & sold my own courses!

Mel Wilhelm

You Deserve to Have a Business That Works For You 24/7...  So You Don't Have To.

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