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30 Day Gratitude Challenge to Increase Happiness, Reduce Stress and Grow Your Business

by | Jun 2, 2020 | Global Freedom Community, Mindset & Motivation | 0 comments

30 Day Gratitude Challenge to Increase Happiness, Reduce Stress and Grow Your Business

Looking for something simple to help you feel happier, healthier and more focused each and every day? The answer is gratitude. 

Science has proven that actively practicing gratitude each day has the same impact on our happiness as doubling our income. It's also been proven to improve health, strengthen relationships and help you achieve your career goals faster, while having more fun and less stress along the way.

In this episode we're sharing a simple, but powerful 30-Day Gratitude Challenge you can start TODAY to have major impacts on your life and business. 

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In each episode of Coffee with K&J we like to provide you with a powerful free resource to help you get the most out of what we cover together.

Today we're providing you with our Miracle Morning Routine Template, which you'll find includes time for actively practicing gratitude each day. We have been using this morning routine since 2013 for a daily boost of courage, enthusiasm, persistence, creativity and energy… and we promise this 20 minute routine can not only dramatically improve your business, but will also have a profound impact on every important area of your life! 

You can access our personal morning routine routine as well as the template for creating your own by clicking on the button above, or just click here.

Starting Your Day in Neutral

Our thoughts determine our actions, attitudes and self-image. 

To take it a step further, our thoughts determine our destiny! 

And that's why we never, ever want to start the day in neutral. 

Instead, each morning we want to actively set our mind on the right course… and this 30-Day Gratitude Challenge (along with our 20 minute morning routine!) will do just that!

As Ray Higdon said… “You need to carry the attitude of gratitude at all times, ESPECIALLY when things don't go your way.”

The Strategy

The strategy we're sharing with you today is simply, to be grateful. To look for the good and the positive. To focus on things you are GRATEFUL for and let go of the negatives.
If you are brand new to Network Marketing or you’ve been around for quite some time, we're sure you’ve experienced frustrating moments, days, weeks and possibly even months. 
  • Prospects telling you no
  • Friends saying they will check out a video you sent over and they never do
  • You message someone and they read it but never reply
  • New team members quit a short time after they joined you in business
  • A customer returns their product order
  • and the list could go on and on…
Yuck. Even just typing these things out we noticed a decrease in our positive energy levels!
We're guessing you felt it while reading it, too. Right? 

Why an Attitude of Gratitude Accelerates Success

It’s impossible for the mind to experience a negative thought and a positive thought at the same time.
When we’re focused on the good things, our attitude is better… it makes us more enjoyable to be around.
We’re happier. Life is more fun!
People want to associate with (and work with) people who have a great attitude and having an attitude of gratitude does all of these things… which will accelerate your success!
Once you’ve developed the habit of gratitude, of beginning and ending each day with thoughts of all you have to be grateful for, you will begin to notice more and more good show up in your life! 

The Challenge

Our challenge is for you to commit to using this gratitude journal outline for 30 days. Try beginning your day and ending your day with journaling about things you're grateful for, for just five minutes.
Really. Five minutes is all it takes!
Maybe you're skeptical.
When this challenge was presented to us, we were very skeptical.
Our immediate response was, “I’m already grateful. I don’t need this.”
We took the challenge and were blown away by what a difference it made!
Like we mentioned above, this 30 day challenge turned into a life-time challenge and we will forever be grateful that our mentor cared enough to challenged us! We even took it a step further and implemented a simple 20-minute morning routine that has had an immeasurable impact on our life & business.

Ready to take the challenge and improve your happiness, health & wealth? Step it up a notch and try our entire 20 Minute Morning Routine (Gratitude Journaling Included!) for 30 days! Click Here to Download Our Miracle Morning Routine Template Now

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Kathy & Jordan

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