Hey there! We're Kathy + Jordan: Your Mother-Daughter dream duo and co-founders of the global freedom community!

Let us guess:  You have big, crazy goals for your online business... but you're not sure how to get it going? We've SO been there.

With so many strategies for growing a business online, the shiny object struggle is real, friend!

Between all the posts, podcasts, videos and webinars... you're soaking up advice from every 'expert' you can find, only to be left with a bunch of broken strategies that leave you more overwhelmed and confused than when you started. 

You're exhausted. And instead of making any real progress, you're constantly jumping from one tactic to the next... always busy but never making any money.

Let us take the guesswork out of the equation and show you the exact blueprint we used to take our dreams, and turn them into a profitable online business that generates revenue on autopilot.

Inside this guide we're sharing the 5 essential elements of any successful online business that we followed to go from social media nobodies (with no audience, influence or revenue)... to launching our business, building an audience of over 60,000 followers + subscribers and generating our first $300,000 in under 10 months. 

(Without being glued to our phones, sliding into anyone's DMs,
or wasting time on tedious busy work that doesn't make you money.)

Imagine the best possible version of your life.
Then build a business that makes it possible!

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We've been told we're a little overcommitted when it comes to helping you grow your online business the freedom-focused way. 

Don't believe us? Check out any one of our binge-worthy trainings on topics like getting visible on social media, growing your audience, and getting paid. New trainings added weekly!

It's like Netflix, but more profitable! 


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We put our heart and soul into this free 6-Figure Blueprint Guide... because it's exactly what we wish we had when we started our business!

Say goodbye to confusion + overwhelm, and hello to a step-by-step streamlined business strategy that will carry you to six figures and beyond.

This is the step-by-step blueprint
you've been waiting for!

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We love helping ambitious entrepreneurs discover how simple growing your online business can actually be.

So if you're looking to team up and conquer the world... (or maybe you're just nosey about what we do!)... we promise, we've got a program that fits your biz goals and your budget! 

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Our Story: Meet the Mother-Daughter Duo Behind The Community

Kathy Schneider & Jordan Maylea are a mother-daughter team and the founders of the Global Freedom Community, where they give ambitious women the blueprint to start, grow and scale freedom-focused businesses online.

After winning the award for the fastest growing sales team in their company 5 years in a row, Kathy & Jordan became inspired to launch the Global Freedom Community as a vehicle to impact, empower + inspire entrepreneurs from all across the globe. 

Through the community they have now worked with over 60,000 online business owners, providing the roadmap for creating a thriving business that fits around your busy life.

Extremely family oriented and freedom focused, Kathy & Jordan believe in designing a lifestyle you desire FIRST, then building a business to support that lifestyle.

They will empower you to work smarter, not harder through their unique systems that allow you to accelerate your results, get more done in less time and build the business of your dreams while living the lifestyle you love.

See what our clients are saying about the Global Freedom Community:

My Dream Is Coming True...

"I'm applying what I learned this week and signing up client after client! I've spent nearly $100k in the past two years with high-ticket 'business coaches" and accomplished very little... then I signed up to work with Kathy & Jordan only a month ago and my income has tripled in my business! My dream is coming true and I am sooooo grateful!"

Sarah Nadler, Florida

Biggest month ever...

"Coaching makes all the difference. After working with Kathy & Jordan I just had my biggest month in business for the 3rd month in a row! To say that I am happy with my investment would be a massive understatement. It's not that I wasn't doing the work, but having their direct guidance to help me see exactly where to put my focus has been a game changer!"

Melanie Wilhelm, Texas

What are you waiting for? 

Get the step-by-step blueprint for building your business to six figures and beyond (without hustle or burn out) inside our FREE 6-Figure Blueprint Starter Guide!

Inside we're sharing the 5 essential elements of every successful online business so you can focus on what works, and forget the rest. 

Say goodbye to confusion and overwhelm, and HELLO to clarity & confidence!

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Get Our Six Figure Blueprint Starter Guide

This free (step-by-step) guide will walk you through the 5 essential elements of every successful online business, so you can copy the blueprint we used to go from social
media nobodies to having a multiple six figure business in less than one year!

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