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Kathy & Jordan: It worked TOO well. What used
to take me DAYS now just takes a few hours.
Got any hobby ideas? I guess I could always start a 2nd business...

sarah Nadler

laptop lifestyle academy student

This really helped me figure out how to save time at creating and batching content. These spreadsheets you're sending are amazing. 
I'm so glad I joined today!

Sandy Sinden

Dream Factory Member

Hey there

We're Kathy & Jordan

We're Kathy & Jordan. A mother-daughter team and the founders of the Global Freedom Community, where we give ambitious women the blueprint to start, grow and automate their online business, so you can create a profitable social media presence without stress and overwhelm.

Through the community we have now worked with over 40,000 female entrepreneurs, providing the roadmap for creating a thriving business that fits around your busy life.

Extremely family oriented and freedom-focused, we believe in designing the lifestyle you desire first, then building a business to support that lifestyle.

Our mission is to empower you to work smarter, not harder through our unique systems that allow you to accelerate your results, get more done in less time and build the business of your dreams while living the lifestyle you love!

Enjoy the journey!

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How to Launch a Profitable Personal Brand: 5 Steps to 6-Figures

Ready to start branding yourself online but don't know where to start? When we launched our personal brand we had no audience, no influence and no clue where to begin. Thanks to these 5 steps we were able to go from social media nobodies to hitting $300K in sales in just 10 months. 

How to Find the Target Audience for Your Niche

Thanks to social media, connecting with the people who are eager to buy from and do business with you has never been easier. And the first step is to identify who your ideal customer or client really is, and how your products, services and business can benefit them. 

Daily Action Plan to Hit Your First Six Figures Online

We’re not special… we’re just a couple of girls with 2 things: the right profit systems, and the right daily routine. If the time you're spending on your business isn't translating to money in the bank, this episode is for you.

The Lead Magnet Funnel That Made Us $88K in Sales

Looking for examples you can follow to create a stand out lead magnet for your business? Lead magnets, or freebie funnels, can be one of the fastest ways to grow your email list AND your bottom line. 

Our Rejection-Free Profit System

Our system Will Help You:

Attract Your Ideal Clients & Customers
Capture Leads Consistently With Ease
Build Trust & Authority on Social Media
Convert Consistent Sales Automatically
Turn One-Time Buyers into Raving Fans
Get Paid WHILE You Build Your Audience

And You Can Do It WITHOUT :

Posting 24/7 or Engaging for Hours
Stressful Launches that Often Flop
Filling Your Calendar w/ Zoom Calls
Trading Time for Dollars
Sending Cold Messages on Social
Needing a Huge Audience or Influence

Our Repeatable Revenue Masterclass

Attract, Capture & Convert More Sales
Trade Busy Work & Overwhelm for a Simple Profit Plan
Automate Your Leads + Sales
Get Paid WHILE Building Your Audience

Discover the 5-Step Blueprint We Followed to Grow from Social Media Nobodies (With No Audience or Influence) to Hitting $300K in Sales in Just 10 Months 

Without launches... zoom meetings... or sending a single cold message to a stranger on the internet.

Because your business have systems that work for you, even when you don't.

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Repeatble Revenue Masterclass

Discover the Unique Blueprint We Followed to Grow from Social Media Nobodies (with no audience or influence) to Hitting $300K in Sales in Just 10 Months

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